Our Mission

The purpose of Cordele Main Street is to revitalize our downtown, to re-establish recognition of downtown, as the core of our community. To encourage economic development while preserving our heritage. To restore a quality of life by making downtown a shopping, service, social, and cultural center. To bring about change through a comprehensive approach of organization, promotion, design, and economic restructuring. Finally, to encourage "Downtown" to become the best we can be in the heart of our community.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to Once again see a great mix downtown:

Retail, Professional, Great restaurants, All levels of Housing, Educational and Cultural events and Facilities. Downtown will once again be the core of our community. We will treasure out heritage and preservation will go hand in hand with our economic development. Our downtown will hold an air of excitement and we will know it as a destination!

Image of McCollum Building

"Together We Can Make a Difference."




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